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Originally Posted by lexicon3 View Post
I am really interested! PM me price shipping to Orlando, FL.
Probably since you are a new member, you cannot receive PMs.

I am at 20004 (Washington DC), and would drop it off at a FedEx or UPS store. So posters can use that information to determine a shipping quote on their own.

Looking at both FedEx and UPS ground, it looks like it would be somewhere from $12-16, depending upon whether I could fit it in one of their standard boxes. I might also be able to use my wife's corporate discount, too, so that quote would be at the upper end (shipping it to you in the box it came in to me from UUC). UUC only charged me 6.95 to ship it from their NJ warehouse, so I would expect my wife's corporate rate, if I could get it, would be under $10 to Orlando.

Feel free to look and see if you can find a more detailed quote. The package weight will be 2 pounds, and the original box it came in is 3x3x13 (as mentioned above it could be fit into a smaller box if we reboxed it instead of original shipping box inside a new shipping box).