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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
They either offer you a great deal on the new car and try to screw you with your trade-in or they give you a great trade-in value and dont want to discount the new car.
...and similar replies above. Ahh, but doesn't it look like I've gotten NEITHER? It's not like they're offering to take my M3 in at an obvious loss, so they have to play hardball with the new car price in order to keep their profits.

The selling dealer stands to make $5k (at that $55k CDN selling price, it will be THE CHEAPEST non-salvage 2011 M3 in the entire nation) - $10k profit from my trade, while the local dealer will be looking at $10k - $15k.

And what did they offer on the new car over such "hardship?" "We're only making $1500 so no room" for the local dealer, while the selling dealer offered a measly $1k.

I don't get the vibe that even if I were to sell privately and bring cash, I'd get anywhere. In fact, shouldn't I get even LESS?