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Originally Posted by Da M3nace View Post
Here goes nothing...lets just say you Only had about $2000 for a new wheel setup you'd only use during the summer. Ive been looking at 18" BBS CH that go for about $2300. I have 18"summer tires from OEM that id make use of so the cost would stop at rims. Option 2, are some Enkei wheels that run under $1300 total for wheels alone. While I do have a budget I would like to purchase relatively light wheels. I found that the BBS wheels weigh about 26 lbs while the Enkei's weigh about 23lbs...a real bargain in my opinion. I realize some of you might dismiss all these options altogether and just wait to afford a better more expensive option. Anyway, these are my choices. What would you do?
Apex EC-7. No brainer.
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