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I'm hoping to install my V2 today so...

Originally Posted by lttletimmy View Post
I'm just not really all that crazy about the display, I just personally like a more "pure" wheel myself. The shift lights are kind of cool, but when that functionality is already built into the dash then I don't really have all that much use for it. I think the triple stitch wheel without the displays looks a little classier.

I don't suppose anyone has any answers for me?
You'll just need the clock ring and to put the (6) wires back in the stock lead plug at the clock ring(X10170 plug) which I don't know if this will remain present with the other column wiring or if its removed with the install... may need the X10170 housing too.

Search the DIY section for the installation pics. You'll also need to remove the controller and associated wiring. There are two CAN leads that you'll need to swap back into the original car harness on the passenger footwell side(Blue X14271 plug/harness) as well as remove whatever powered leads they used to power the wheel - on the V2 they patch into the CAS harness in the drivers footwell with jumper pins. Seems the V1 was "just wired in to whatever battery-retain lead" installers could find/use. Lots of people installing on the cigarette lighter lead... which seemed to have some issues with retention and all.
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