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Next Car...911T or v10 R8?

Only 6 months into my M3 and the way it's modded, it's absolutely incredible. Performance is at a supercar level and yet it feels like like it came from the factory. 7,000 miles of brutal conditions (mainly track and airstrip) and not one hiccup.

Yet it's never too early to be thinking about my next car.

Requirements are simple. It will need to serve as both a track car and an airstrip car (roll-on acceleration events). And it should have 700-800 HP. At these power levels, AWD is a must. I would actually consider something two years from now when I'm done with the M3, I could be looking at a 2013 model.

The 911T and v10 R8 are main contenders. A GT-R is not an option.

I've seen 911's with turbo upgrades with these power levels. Not sure of R8's but it's an NA v10 and I'm assuming it can be modded with a centrifugal or other S/C but not sure exactly what's out there yet. ??

I was able to meet the guys at Evolution Motorsports and BBi at the Shift-S3ctor events so I'm familiar with the 911T mods/potential/reliability/costs. Just not so sure about modding the v10 R8. And that's what intrigues me. There are many upgraded 750 HP 911T's all over the place but 750 HP R8's? That would be be a little unique/different.

What do you guys think?
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