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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
Sell your car outright to a private buyer.
x2. Ask the GM dealer about an "in and out." If you don't know how this works, here is the basic run down.
1. You find a buyer for your car and agree on a price.
2. You arrange a purchase deal on your new car (CTS-V).
3. You then sell your current car to the dealership for the price you agreed to with your buyer minus some small amount (usually 200-500). This is profit to the dealership, but its worth it to you on tax savings and also makes it worth it to them to offer the in and out.
4. The dealership then sells your old car to the buyer you found at the sale price you agreed to and applies the amount towards your new car as a trade-in value. This can save you lots of taxes (at least in the states it does).