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WTF, GM Dealers? - A Rant

Sorry for ranting, but I just gotta write this out to get it off my chest. Feel free to hit me with the cool-story-bro's then ignore. I deserve it.

Back in the summer of 2011 I was coming out of an 2008 E90 M3 6MT. I was getting ready to jump into a 2011 E90 M3 M-DCT (MSRP $81k, purchase price $75k, all prices CDN) when I found a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V 6MT (MSRP $81k, Employee Pricing $73k). Didn't work out, partly because I was going into my 5th BMW (4th at the same dealer) while I would be a new GM customer. So, I went with the BMW.

Since then, it gnawed at me a bit, as a few of my posts showed. Once every few months, I'd hit AutoTrader and GM Canada's website to look for a stick CTS-V.

This week, found this one:

Went to a local GM dealer to talk. Had them appraise my car (~24500km mileage, delivered August 2011). Here is a comparo:

I figured that since they are not a BMW dealer, they can't CPO it, but should still be able to list it for $55k - $60k. I'd take $50k - $55k and then talk them down on the new car....

...nope. "We're gonna wholesale it, not gonna keep it, so we can only do $43k. Also, why is your car red instead of white or black or silver or grey?" Financed at 0.9% for 48mos, that came out to be $1800+ per month, or $86k+ over the term. My current BMW finance is ~$50k over the term.

"We have no more room because the company is only making $1500 out of this deal."

$36k difference, too far apart, not going to even TRY to negotiate, no thanks.

Called the selling dealer directly, figuring that they might be more willing to play ball, especially since they've had this car over the winter. Gave them some basic info and VIN of my car over the phone, then waited for them to call back.

"We can do $50k on the trade."

Well, that's a good start, and frankly I'm not too bothered on the trade-in value as long as the new car is discounted appropriatedly....

"Sorry, we can at most do another $1k off. The car already had a $2500 cash-back from GM so you can think of it as $3500 off from $82500."

Um, $1k off for an $80k car, 1.25% discount. I've never heard of such a "deal." Besides, that came out to be ~$28k more than what I would pay if I keep the BMW.

The reason why I keep going back to "how much extra do I have to pay instead" is because, frankly, disregarding performance, the CTS-V is NOT BETTER than a BMW M3. The rear-seat leg room is about the same, head room a bit less, trunk a bit bigger, whole thing is longer and wider and heavier, nav and entertainment system is worse. Looks are subjective.

Over my M3, it's got an intercooled supercharger, trick shocks, Brembos and Recaros. And you know what? For $27k, I can do all those things and still have something leftover for a rainy day fund. Combined with M-DCT, despite the torque deficit, my M3 with $27k thrown at it will be faster, smaller, lighter, more agile, stop better, while still maintaining the convenience parity between a CTS-V Sedan and an E90 M3.

And that, is what I will do. Normally I advocate just buying something from the factory with everything you need, but unfortunately, this time around, the sensible thing seems to be anything BUT that

Sorry again for the rant, but I feel better now. *goes looking for a pair of Recaro PPs*

PS I guess once a BMW owner, I will have to continue to be a BMW owner, because other than a BMW dealership, nobody else will give me a fair trade-in.

PSS Sure, I can go to BMW and talk about an F10 M5. However, even putting aside the possible performance parity between that and the CTS-V, and whether or not the S63 is an actual "Motorsport" engine vs. the Cadillac's full-on 6th-gen Corvette drivetrain, an F10 M5 stickers at $110k CDN here. Even with my usual don't-need-to-ask 8% discount combined with BMW Car Club of Canada's extra 2%, that's still $100k. Even with my car valued at $60k, that's $40k to make up, at a worse rate than what I'm paying. No can do.