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Originally Posted by Wraith. View Post

Built in fall 2011:

I7 990X 4.3 Ghz(under water)
E770-A1 Classified 3 (under water)
(3) GTX-580 Classified HC 3GB Tri-Sli (under water)
12GB Corsair Dominator GT (under water)
Asus Xonar Xense/PC350
(2) 120 GB Intel X-25 SSD
1500 Watt Silverstone ST1500
3 independent water cooling loops
Asus VG278
CM Cosmos Black Label case #32

Triple GTX 580s? What kind of crazy 3d engineering are you doing man?! 16 monitors or what lol? Do you over clock the hell out of the processor? that thing would stay cool in an oven!
Beautiful build bro, you're my hero