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Thanks for the compliments. I reread my post and it sounds kind of douchey LOL. Didn't mean to come out that way.

I DD the Turbo because it's newer and has awd and snow tires. And since I paid a lot for it, I'm going to get my money's out of it. I actually had sold the F and had seller's remorse and rebought the same one again. LOL. Missed the uncorked V8 sound. Turbo sounds good but so does an uncorked V8. I'm keeping the F for tinkering and tracking. It's slower and easier to drive and it's safer due to the slight understeering vs. the Turbo. Plus I don't get track insurance and I don't need to total the Turbo. I'm still a relative novice at road racing. I'm at the 3 minute/lap at autobahn country club level but that's with traffic and needing to be waved by. Last time I went, only the C6 and Z06 corvettes weren't passable in the 'novice' group. I'm going to intermediate group this coming year.

Look at those ratios. Yeah, the F is taller in the first two gears - but if you take the ratio of the torque of both engines and the ratio of those gears, the IS-F actually has more torque to the wheels in the first two gears ---> in a rolling start, the F will beat an M3. DCT having launch control (allowing for a clutch drop) and a manual M3 (with a clutch drop) will take off faster from a dig. Having said that, any car doing 0-60 in 4.0 seconds is more a test of traction so all this is a moot point anyways. FWIW, mine did 3.7 0-60 with a 1 foot rollout at the dragstrip with mickey thompsons. On the street with NO rollout, it gets 4.0 with sticky mickeys. With PSS, I might get lucky if I break 4.3. These are with VBOX. I also trap 120.1 according to VBOX in the 1/4 and my scale (I have a set of balancing scales) says my F weighs 3523 pounds lightly fueled (drag race trim). But FULL interior just gutted trunk. Mods are headers, exhaust, coilovers, wheels, brake rotors and lithium battery. Last time at the strip, I ran an E60M5 SMG II and trapped 2 mph faster so I was walking him. So it makes sense since I'm about 470 hp and he was 500 but my car was about 500 pounds less.

I might not be driving an M3 around, but that doesn't disqualify me from being a car enthusiast. And, FWIW, I do have an M - just an SUV and it's our family car, wife's pick-up-the-kids car.