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Going from Electronic Performance Steering Wheel to stock

I just picked up my E92 M3 a week ago and it came with the Electronic Performance Steering Wheel V1 installed. I prefer the stock wheel which I've already ordered, but since the previous owner didn't give me any stock parts, I need to know what else I need to install the oem wheel. After reading Doba's guide, my understanding is I need:

-Steering wheel (obviously)
-OEM coil spring cartridge part #61319122509
-Connector X10170(?)

I'm not sure if I need that last connector, could anyone tell me if the installation process retains that black connector (that connects to the coil spring) somewhere in the car? If not, any idea where I can find one? It hasn't come up in any of my googling.

Is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks in advance for the help, I'm loving the new car, just going through the few personalization touches it needs to make it mine.