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Originally Posted by Mr. ///M3 RD
Originally Posted by bsiciliano View Post
Add to the list-spacers. Took mine off, vibration stopped. Others have had similar experience.
Actually if you ask a well qualified BMW service technician or service assistant he will tell you "BMW does not recommend spacers on your car"

I tend to agree with this if you think about it anything that is machined (both sides of course along with matching spigots on your spacers) has a machining tolerance. So accumulated tolerances of the afore mentioned areas will add up along with the original parts may just contribute to wheel position misalignment that would be on and above the recommended OEM allowable tolerances.

The wheels being the most important part between our car and the road, I take this very seriously. Perhaps I'm overcautious due to my long engineering background, I see this from a different point of view.

Your removal of the spacers and eliminating vibration my very well have been exactly what I mentioned before ... vibration due to accumulated tolerances (adding up the face to face squareness and run-outs TIR [Total Indicator Readings] etc.).
To echo, any runout anywhere on the wheel hub area is greatly magnified towards the outer circumference of the wheel.