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[Video] Lapping the Nordschleife, filmed from outside

Last year in march the weather was much better than today. No snow at all and beautiful sunshine all day long. Perfect conditions for a two day Trackday.

For a couple of laps I decided to put my GoPro on the drivers door hoping not to loose it while driving around my beloved Racetrack. Guess what: the GoPro was still there after a couple of laps.

So here you have a quick round on the Nordschleife. As you can see the mounted Michelin SuperSport had a tough time since the tirewall is already eroded. This will not happen if you use proper Track proofed tires like the Michelin Cups.

Since march last year a couple of details changed on my M3. I installed a KW Clubsport and bought a set of 18" BMW rims with Michelin Cups 265/35 on every corner for example. That improved the cars performance immensly.

Canīt wait for better weather to have some fun again!