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This thread is awesome. Very entertaining.

My 2 cents.

Gtr = Designed to be a purebred trackcar. On the track, it's the King. On the street, it's not very practical. Designed for the "true" tracker. Guys will like this car over the girls. It's like a girl with an ugly face, but a hot ass body. (Not having a manual tranny is a deal killer for any purist).
M3 = Well balanced car that can do it all. Not the fastest, but it's a practical car that can do it all: Track, DD, pick up the kids at school, etc. My wife even likes driving it,and it's has a manual tranny. It's like the girl next door with a nice face, nice body, and a nice personality.
Exotics = I would purchase the 997.2TT (manual tranny of course) It's shows and it goes. It's like a trophy girl that has everything: face, tits, ass, etc.

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