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Originally Posted by mohammadz
Originally Posted by m33 View Post
I've seen 700+whp cars that didn't break tires loose , heck IMG put down 680whp on semi bald tires and heeee didnt break tires loose , I'm sorry for being so blunt...

BTW if you put down 520whp guess what ..... your car has 520 whp , dont be ashamed it is what it is.

If i were you i would do what every super charged Gintani owner did ........ sell the kit , actually don't sell it i cant bare to see another person go through this , dump it in the garbage...

or......... maybe they need a new dyno
Way to represent ESS buddy. It must be tough going through life not understanding LOGISTICS! So tomorrow when I put down more WHP.. Then what m33?
Go put your motor back together then talk to me. My car will be waiting!