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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Well I would argue that you are an IS-F owner but are reading and commenting on an m3 forum. Whether conciously or unconciously something is clearly steering you towards an m3. I for one have never even thought about visiting an ISF forum being an m3 owner.

Looks like another unsatisfied ISF owners wishing he got an m3!
I'm a car enthusiast so I am on forums from gencoupe to rennlist and a bunch in between including tundra and charger forums. I'm not a fan of any particular brand or even style of car. That's why I'm on this forum. Not to mention, this forum is more active than any of the other car forums (and also has the biggest fanboys).

For a used DD, an IS-F will prove to be significantly better than the C63 (and M3 for that matter). First off, fuel efficiency is a big deal. Just the gas difference alone is a thousand or two a year. The reliability is a huge factor - go to clublexus and see how many guys had big major problems. You don't need to buy a 2-3K warrantee after you buy a used one. Everybody talks about the big torque of the 6.2 motor but the F with the short gearing has no problem spinning out. That's the TWO reasons to get a used F over a used C. What's the benefit of the C? The big loud exhaust? The F with the 5.0 isn't exactly wimpy either. Mine's got full exhaust and has 470 hp (about). I can hear it from a mile away when I have somebody else drive it - sounds kind of Nascar. LOL

Here's two of my cars. Since I've gotten the TTS, the F sits in the garage as a garage queen now.

What he SHOULD do trade in his M3 for an IS-F for the DD and get a real sports car... One that doesn't have to make compromises.
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