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Originally Posted by Pr0fessor View Post
Quick update guys. We made some pulls on the Dyno. Unfortunately there was some slipping with the tires. We changed tires and still same problem. So tomorrow we will get everything worked out. Sorry about the bad news boys. Sh#t happens... For whatever it's worth it put down 520whp with the tires not hooking up lol. I will have the actual numbers tomorrow. Thanks for your patience guys. Any questions just ask.
I've seen 700+whp cars that didn't break tires loose , heck IMG put down 680whp on semi bald tires and heeee didnt break tires loose , I'm sorry for being so blunt...

BTW if you put down 520whp guess what ..... your car has 520 whp , dont be ashamed it is what it is.

If i were you i would do what every super charged Gintani owner did ........ sell the kit , actually don't sell it i cant bare to see another person go through this , dump it in the garbage...

or......... maybe they need a new dyno

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