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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Exactly-all this data but no real seat time or experience. I see my friends RS5 a couple times a week and have had countless runs of anything you can imagine. So its taking the same weather, same drivers as we are both DCt and really has no room for much difference and have seen the clear consistent differences I pointed out.

If you have 12/15 track events being taken by the rs5 than ok. I asked for a source of data given you were giving such specifics such as "slight edge" etc. But makes sense, you really have no personal experience with RS5
OK, I gave you a clickable reference to a highly credible source, and I assume you didn't bother with it. I suggest that you DO bother with it, as you'll discover that it realy is a very credible source, and the evidence is incontrovertible.

Furthermore, you said "And at the track there has been many tests showing the m3 is faster around a lot of tracks. Moreso than any audi was faster."

...and I asked you to name the tracks and show the times, as I have done.

And you duck, as usual. Do everybody a favor, and admit you lied, or post the tracks, etc.

Now, we agree that from a roll, the bimmer should be quicker. I said this based on magazine tests, power to weight, and awd vs rwd.

You figure this by street racing in your buddy's car. Frankly, I trust my findings vs a single anecdote from a very questionable source. Meaning you.

Put up or shut up. Point me to the data showing how the M3 is quicker around "many" tracks. I've had it with your unsupported BS.