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Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
I should have probably been more clear in my post. Without a doubt out of the 3 the m3 is the best all around car, and if I only had one car I would choose the m3 hands down... but the OP already has one in manual. As I said, it really depends on what the OP wants the car to do. If I were in the OP's shoes, and already had a "driver's car" I would add some versatility to my garage by way of the c63. A huge benefit of the c63 is the torque it has relative to the m3, which will allow it to be a much better car for driving in town, traffic, and highway driving. I am also assuming that the manual m3 would be used for the weekend/fun drives, while the DD will be used for more mundane day to day activities. But to each his own, this is just my opinion.
Again you drive a c300 so saying one car is better than another is just silly on points like better daily driver. There has never been an m3 owners who thinks the m3 has inadequate power or torque for around town! It essentially the same torque as a stock 335 at about 300 foot pounds.

Anyway I would not tell you that your c300 is a good or bad drivers car as I have never nor would ever want to drive on.