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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Mostly from road tests, and Internet sources.

Have several hours in M3s, and one short test drive in an RS5. Not enough to make my comments a result of personal experience. Plus I've never driven either on track.

So, what part of my "Out on the highway, side by side, it seems as if the M3 has a minor advantage, given its slightly better power to weight ratio, and the Audi's AWD paraphernalia." didn't you get. It seems we've seen more or less the same Internet races. So what's your beef, exactly.

OK, I'll bite. I'm using THIS reference, wherein the Audi was quicker on 12 out of 15 tracks.

Now show me yours.

Now, point out what isn't true, please, and be specific.
Exactly-all this data but no real seat time or experience. I see my friends RS5 a couple times a week and have had countless runs of anything you can imagine. So its taking the same weather, same drivers as we are both DCt and really has no room for much difference and have seen the clear consistent differences I pointed out.

If you have 12/15 track events being taken by the rs5 than ok. I asked for a source of data given you were giving such specifics such as "slight edge" etc. But makes sense, you really have no personal experience with RS5