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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Sounds like a great mod for those with wheel hop. I've NEVER experienced wheel hop and I've put my car through its paces. 600whp and a couple hundred launches at the quarter mile. Personally, I wouldn't waste 1k on this....
Not trying to come off as a prick but I did remember you mentioning wheel hop when I was reading about launch strategies...

"MDM is not the best method for the track. It still applies brakes when your tires slip resulting in power loss. For the best results....EDC soft and DSC off. Best times are obtained using DR's, heat them properly in the water box and use launch control at 5500. Using LC with street tires is a waste of time and adds to more transmission stress since you will get a burnout and tire hop."

I haven't been on the strip yet myself and have wondered the best way of launching...another reason I went with this item. Granted I won't be using DR my first time it may help quite a bit with my street tires. Has your DR setup and technique allowed you to totally avoid wheel hop but it used to be present with street tires?

That's an awesome 1/4 mile time so I'm sure I can learn a couple things from you...

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