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I should have probably been more clear in my post. Without a doubt out of the 3 the m3 is the best all around car, and if I only had one car I would choose the m3 hands down... but the OP already has one in manual. As I said, it really depends on what the OP wants the car to do. If I were in the OP's shoes, and already had a "driver's car" I would add some versatility to my garage by way of the c63. A huge benefit of the c63 is the torque it has relative to the m3, which will allow it to be a much better car for driving in town, traffic, and highway driving. I am also assuming that the manual m3 would be used for the weekend/fun drives, while the DD will be used for more mundane day to day activities. But to each his own, this is just my opinion.