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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
You can run at least 11.5 fronts and 13 rears with matching camber all around bud. 255.30 285.30 and its game. If youre goona go with 10/12s a 235.35 275.30 matches and looks much better imo.

those wheels above are actually work brombachers. ppl are relipping VSXX with step these days. Easy way to tell is the VSXX has 5 extra tiny holes in the center dish. Other than that the disc and lips are interchangeable.
AAH! TFTI! I had a feeling that they were Brombachers, but to my knowledge Brombachers were only made in 5x130 for Porsches, and I knew that they were a few set of non 5/130 out there.

I realize there is alot of room to play on the e9X, I figured this was an aggressive enough set up as my first set up, besides it'll be easier to sell those specs once i'm sure of what I can and can not do.