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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Bruce where do you gett his stuff? Have you even driven one? The m3 consistently pulls on the Rs5 from absolutely any rolling start from 30mph and up. Seen it many times.

And at the track there has been many tests showing the m3 is faster around a lot of tracks. Moreso than any audi was faster.I like the audi but to say all these specific scenarios which just are not true is what im pointing out
true but also a lot of test showed the RS5 to be faster, like this one!

Also it's important to note that 99% of drivers are gonna be faster around a track in the RS5, only really experimented drivers are gonna perform the way it could with the M3!

In every case, IMO the most important thing is how much FUN you have with a car and that is no doupt a categorie that the M3 wins!