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OP I am debating this as well. I can from an RS4 and I swore I would never get another Audi. If you have rad my previous responses on other topics similar I had the engine replaced 2 times in a 50k period and I was the only owner.
I moved to an e90 m and I love it back in 2010 and still own it. Ended up buying a TTRS for a daily driver bc I did not want to put any more miles on my M as I drive alot for work. Car has about 38k on it now and my TTRS has 16k in 1 year.

Went this week to think about trading the TRRS In for the RS5 as I want a bigger coupe and the TT is not as practical as I thought. The TT does get incredible gas mileage and as a STAGE2 it goes like hell. Very fast car.

I am considering the RS5, but I am concerned about the tranny as I love the 6spd as all my cars in the last 8 years have been stick.

I hear it good and the steering isn't as numb as some write ups suggest.

Definitely need to drive it though to get a feel of the car. I was told by the dealer I could get 60k for my TTRS. Not bad considering I spent 59k with a 65k sticker price!

Go drive it and see. The DCT is an incredible tranny all though I have only driven it a few times. I almost regret at times going with the 6spd in the M bc it feels so sloppy and not well built considering the rest of the car.