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Originally Posted by admranger
Late to the thread, but I'll be there in the E90M3. Trying out a new peelable protective coating so that'll be good. Also some nice PFC08's all around.

If any of you are in the B/C group, you'll see me. I'll be the one standing in front of you yammering on about 'the line', 'being smooooooth', 'looking through the corner', 'of course 5-bet shoving w/any two cards in that spot is a good play' , and other vital info.

At least this year I won't have had knee surgery 2 weeks before the school like last year...

It's gonna be chilly being only in the 90's. I'll have to wear a sweater.

See you there!
Which coating are you trying? The paint on one that was discussed in the thread on here?