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Originally Posted by serge View Post
Yep! "Enhanced" my a**! This is the only thing I dislike in my M3. Absolutely no bass! I recently rented a '11 Dodge Avenger, and the system blew away the M3's. The Avenger's bass was just amazing... go figure
Good/Loud Bass and quality sound are different things. It's really a personal preference but I'm a bit of an audio snob and so many people think the measure of a good sound system (home or car) is how hard the bass hits. I'm not saying this system is stellar, but the high and mid range are respectable for a factory system. Is there better? Yes. Can you do better aftermarket? Absolutely. While I've never been in an Avenger, I've found most premium sound systems in American made cars are very tailored towards playing loud with lots of bass, but I always find the ability to clearly do vocals is usually pretty weak.'s a personal preference.