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Originally Posted by M3NSCH View Post
No one gives a fuck about your success or happiness. The truth is, no one frankly gives a fuck about your plate.

29/502 people have actually voted for your stupid poll. That means 95% have no fucks to give.

Just make a decision and let the 5% of people who voted finally overcome their anxiety filled insomnia over your plate decision.
I already knew what I was getting, just did a pole for fun. Some of us like to have fun.
I didn't say I was successful or happy either. I just said it in general.
I don't know why your so hostile, you should try and relax some. I really don't even know what else to say to such a response.
I still don't get why you think a personalized plate gets your car keyed. Other then Jealous immature people that are mad cause someone else has something they cannot get and they blame that person because of it. or someone that goes flying off the deep end over stupid forum posts.