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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Yeah but that was after you first hated her and before you even knew who he was. Let's check your hate meter in '16. I predict you'll be eating those words.
Naaah, I am into kool aid now. Like Cool Hand Luke, I'm getting my head right. No worries, I now realize that, in the grand order of things, a Hillary is a relatively benign-neutral solution--didn't know how bad "bad' really could be until now. I do know who he is now but I have to wonder if even the dems knew who he was back when they gave him the mike a couple of conventions ago. Whoever arranged/maneuvered for him to give that keynote address is one of the most brilliant pols of all time, hands down. Hillary in '16 isn't nearly as horrible a prospect as some of the alternatives, especially if the reps still own at least one house of congress. Of course she's the anointed one now but the weather can change in about five cosmic minutes.