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Originally Posted by Cadillac Johnson View Post
If the RS4 and M3 are equals on a track, why wouldnt the RS6 with a lot more power be faster than the M5?

The M5 isn't all that great, at all.. Outside of the motor, it's pretty blah..

Also, look how easy it is to add additional power to the 335i, you could get 600whp with nothing more than a tune and a couple bolt-ons.

I realize you cant compare a modified car to a stock car, but even in stock form I'm 99.99999% sure the RS6 will be faster on a track than the current M5. If you into modding, there's no comparison, the factory turbo car will always have the advantage.

You meant the E46 M3 right? Because the new M3 will run circles around the RS4.

I do agree that the M5 isnt all that great. However, the RS6 will most likely be heavier. If the stats are correct, the RS6 is already slower than the current M5. And Im sure it wouldnt be too long before BMW ups the specs on the M5.

Anyhoo, I think the RS6 looks great. Im not sure about a wagon but it would be hot in sedan form. Audi's exterior and interior are definitely advanced.