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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Speed of shifting isn't measured by units of power rather by milli-seconds..your formula is extrapolating data not measuring it.

Would you measure air temperature by air pressure units or speed/acceleration by units of weight?

You can choose to look at it this way, but to make a statement that a DCT is good for 25-50 hp is just silly.
I can see why you think this, but your reasoning is flawed.

Two points:
  • Faster shifts make a car faster, period. The gain in a given contest is very likely close to the number of shifts multiplied by the time saved per shift.
  • If a car is faster (at the same weight) one would typically conclude it has more power. In this case I have come up with an equivalent power that has the same effect as the gains from M-DCT related to its faster shifts. The amount of power does depend a bit on what contest you consider (0-60, 0-100, quarter mile, 30-160, etc.) hence why I posted a range.

Have a look at this very old and detailed post I made on this topic. This addresses the first point above. Pay particular attention to the graph. Again, there are also a PLETHORA of posts here on the forum on this idea of 25-50 hp, with plenty of PROOF of this statement. Please read up, don't make a fool out of yourself without reading those posts, both by me and other very credible forum members who have TESTED this in their supercharged M3s! Then perhaps begin your skepticism where some of these prior discussions have left off. I should refuse to continue this "debate" until you have taken this friendly and appropriate advise.

Last but not least, let's please start a new topic on this if you really do want to continue. We can keep this thread better on topic this way.
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