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Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
Here you go, man. The left is the new cap and the right is the old version (original 5/2008). You can see the crust build-up on the old cap and the impression in the gasket. On the new cap, you can see the SE corner, oil accumulated here for some reason. I've had the new cap less than 1k miles.
thanks man,

ya i had a similar situation to oP but with the same cap you have on the left (new cap). Apparently that rubber 'o-ring' that goes around comes off easily if the cap is placed face down. Idk i am really paranoid i just hope i dont have a leak or experience another, it was a true headache. I too just had the cap installed on tuesday. But my original cap was the same as the "new cap" im guessing since its a 2013 they redid the design. I had no problems throughout break in, it was once those "m-certified techs" touched my car that the problems began. anyhow truly appreciate the side-by-side i will continue to monitor my cap and will alert anyone if it leaks or if the problem resurfaces.