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Wink I guess I didn't get the memo...

Tonight I was driving in my 335i, minding my own business, when I hear this loud, obnoxious noise from the passenger side of my car. I look over to see a guy in a late model VW GTI with a fart-can exhaust, revving his engine, I guess trying to get me to race. I just continued driving normally and let him rev and rev his little engine. When he finally got the point that I wasn't an immature street-racer intent on embarrassing him, he protested by flooring it, hitting the limiter on a couple of occasions, and driving off into the night. As he drove away rather slowly (despite his super high-performance exhaust ) I noticed something that made me laugh... I really wish I had time to take a pic.

You know those "pissing boy" bumper stickers you usually only see on pickups driven by guys in cowboy hats? This guy had two of them on his rear windshield; one on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. The one on the drivers side was pissing on a Mercedes emblem. The one of the passenger side was pissing on a BMW roundel.

I guess when the automotive world decided that GTIs, or any Volkswagens for that matter, are superior to BMWs and Mercedes, I didn't get the memo...

This guy's delusional thinking is funny, but the fact that he had his incredibly delusional thinking proudly displayed on the back window of his car is absolutely hilarious.

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me