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Originally Posted by Scottsard32 View Post
Chriskm3 - What do you mean by have I checked if I am still in limit? I had two green notches on the oil reading, wrongly assumed this was half full and topped up. First by 1/2 litre and then took a reading, no change, then another 1/2 litre, no change and then added 1 litre, (again very stupid I know!) started car for 10 seconds, got the alarm max level, oil too high. I then switched the car off, phoned BMW assist for advise and then researched the internet. I am reluctant to get my car recovered and pay BMW 200+ (estimate by assist) to take 1 - 2 litres back out my car......thats if draining the oil is a simple task. I am interested to know if it is worth completly emptying the front sump and then measuring whats taken out or go straight from the main sump? Thanks for any advice given!!
Go to the dealer, they will not remove the excess they will drain and replace. Its worth the money to avoid destroying your engine which will cost a lot more that the tow and oil change ... just my 2 cents.