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Originally Posted by OC ///M View Post
^Wait, what were you saying? I lost you at Mexico Blue. (Snapping myself out of a 997.2 Mexico Blue GT3RS daydream...)

The performance steering wheel mated with a nice set of gloves creates a surreal velcro-like connection, all the while allowing you to relax the tightness of your normal grip-a benefit on the track or long drives. Your concern regarding matting is valid. A clinical washing of hands to remove all dirt & oils before driving helps, as does a light grip. On my first wheel I think I "over-cleaned" it, because each time I used the "nubuck eraser" & brush, bits of alcantara material would crumble off of the wheel. That being said, I wouldn't worry about matting unless you plan on putting a lot of miles on the car.
That Porsche is my inspiration, only with gunmetal wheels. I've got gloss black now and am looking for a change.