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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
R888, RA1, NT01 all use the same rubber compound. Carcas is different.

NT01>RA1>R888 on the '95M3 I raced in BMW club racing. I raced it in IStock and then, after I blew the motor, moved to JP w/a 2.8 (iron block) up front. 3175lbs dry in Istock to 2990 wet w/driver in JP. NT01's were best. I always ran my fastest laps as the tires corded unless I'd grossly overheated them (turn very blue). NT01s need far less camber to be effective than the RA1s.
Haven't seen anyone claim the R888 is the same as NT01 or RA1. I've always understood the R888 to be its own...and therefore deemed unacceptable or just different than the other two.