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E92 Mods - Questions

Hey all,

A buddy of mine recently purchased an 07 E92 4dr with the paddle shifter option sport kit etc.. We talk a lot about what the E92 motor can handle and what mods are out there as well as what he can do to his baby without destroying it. I had a few questions about the E92, modifications, and the engine and was hoping someone could shed some light on them.

I don't have much experience with German motors other than a VW Jetta 2.0 engine that managed to go 90MPH for 30mins without coolant because the radiator had bullet hole through it (long story), so please forgive the ignorance.

I read through the tech pdfs in regards to the motor having cast iron internals and was wondering if anyone had any more details as to how much HP the stock internals can take without needing to be beefed up. I estimate a 450-500RWHP max with the current cast iron block but please let me know if I am wrong as I am very curious.

I have read of a few ECU upgrades, one is the procede stage II which claims to increase the HP to 400+ to the wheels. I am assuming that this is done primarily with an increase in boost (assuming that other air/fuel mixture, spark, fuel pressure, timing, etc.. have been enhanced as well). Has anyone had or read anything on wether the stock injectors, fuel pump etc.. can handle the load? The other is an upgrade that BMW will be putting out soon, but I haven't found any info on.

Usually an increase like that on any other car would require some upgrades to avoid detonation. I realize that BMW may have kept the E92 civilized so it wouldn't step on the current M3's toes but have they really included all the goodies for you Bimmer guys and gals to enjoy?

Next, what mods are recommended to an otherwise bone stock E92. I believe the first mods on the list were a set of M6 replicas and some H&R springs with the front and rear sway bars to match. In my opinion Dampers should definitely go on with the springs to avoid double labor costs but the springs and the sways should still provide a great improvement in overall handling. Would you all recommend the Cold Air intake next, or the full exhaust kit? If the exhaust is preferred, how big should the pipes be?

Lastly, can anyone recommend some reputable BMW performance shops in the SFL:West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale area?

Sorry for all of the questions, but thanks for taking the time to read through...


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