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Can I use a tune for coding stuffs?

This is a follow-up to my thread about installing aftermarket seats here:

So, rather than losing money in order to trade my car in for a CTS-V, I've decided to take that money and spend it on my car instead.

First up is to replace the front seats with a pair of Recaros. In order to do that properly, I will need to do "coding" in order to:

#1 remove the warnings about the lack of seat airbags, and more importantly

#2 make the passenger seat occupancy sensor be subjugated to the seatbelt rather than the missing seat occupancy sensor.

However, since the eventual goal for the car is to put an ESS supercharger kit into it, I'm wondering if it is possible for an ESS NA Tune to do these kind of "coding" stuffs. That makes more sense to me financially, since it looks like I can save a little bit of $$$ by having the Tune + E-Flash cable in place when I'm ready to go FI.

Or is a "tune" just for ECU modding only and will have nothing to do with the car's electronics?

Just trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, is all