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Why don't you just drain 2 liters and be back to where you started? I personally would not start the car with that much of an overfill. I would drain the front sump and measure the amount that came out. At that point you will probably not have gotten all 2 liters out but just 250-500 mls. You can then try draining the main sump and trying to recap as the oil gushes out but that's guaranteed to create a superb mess. If you drain the main sump entirely, then your question is whether you want to reuse that oil. The risk there is that you get some foreign particles into the oil while draining and refilling. You also risk dumping all 9 liters over your engine bay unless you do it with a small container.

Another alternative is to drain the front sump, start the car and wait a few seconds for the oil to circulate, stop the car, re-drain the front sump, and repeat until you get all 2 liters out. Don't know whether such an overfill could cause damage to the engine during the restart phase of the cycle.

You could also drain all the oil and just refill with new oil, putting in 8-8.5 liters at first and then checking the level to top off. Keep in mind that the sensor could take a long time to read the actual level (e.g., 100 miles).

Last alternative is to flatbed to the dealer but as we all know, no guarantee that they'll do it right either.