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Ash Tray Assy P/N

Long story short, I jacked something up. I was DIYing a concealed display for my radar and I screwed up. For one, the ash tray cover doesn't close and if I do get it to close, it is very difficult to get it back open. Also, I somehow managed to cut a wire or two leading to the cigarette lighter. I never use it, but I would like it to be funcitonal again at some point. Does anybody know the part number for this assembly? Thanks for the help!

I might have figured this out... If I buy item 10 below, will it come with the closing lid (shown as #5)?

10 ASHTRAY FRONT 1 51167132380 $81.73
11 ASHTRAY INSERT 1 51167078573 $7.58
12 LIGHTER ELEMENT 1 61346969134 $15.23

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