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Engine oil level too high - Max Warning


I have a BMW e93 2008 M3 and (Still cant believe I did it without reading first so please go easy on me!!) I have overfilled the oil. car was showing 2 notches on the electronic reader and I put 2 litres in, I have since learnt this was ridiculous and I should of only filled when the car asks and then 1/4 litre at a time. I have not drove the car and don't intend to, only started up for 10 seconds to get the reading (Car already hot). My question is to drain off oil, is it worth draining the front sump (3/4 Litre) and then the rest from the main sump or just going straight from the main sump? If this is not advisable I can get recovered from on my drive and taken to a dealer but BMW assist have advised they will charge in the region of 200 to do this.