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Originally Posted by chili cheese View Post
Yeah I just wasn't too excited about any of the other standard colors other than Melbourne and my brother has that color, so that is out. Individual seemed the way to go!

Funny you mention LSB vs. Santorini. I've seen LSB in person, but only on an E46 and I've never seen Santorini in person.....definitely going out on a limb here. From what I can tell, Santorini may not have that greenish hue in certain light like LSB, which I'm not a fan of. I was looking for a blue that was like Porsche's Mexico Blue or Maritime Blue.

That performance wheel is pretty awesome and is a great idea. It would be great for track use, provided I wore gloves. My only concern would be how the alcantera gets matted from daily use. Any experience with this?
^Wait, what were you saying? I lost you at Mexico Blue. (Snapping myself out of a 997.2 Mexico Blue GT3RS daydream...)

The performance steering wheel mated with a nice set of gloves creates a surreal velcro-like connection, all the while allowing you to relax the tightness of your normal grip-a benefit on the track or long drives. Your concern regarding matting is valid. A clinical washing of hands to remove all dirt & oils before driving helps, as does a light grip. On my first wheel I think I "over-cleaned" it, because each time I used the "nubuck eraser" & brush, bits of alcantara material would crumble off of the wheel. That being said, I wouldn't worry about matting unless you plan on putting a lot of miles on the car.

Originally Posted by PrometheusM3 View Post
What color are you considering? Are you thinking about getting LSB? That would be funny if we ended up with two in OC...
I agree, but I think there are like 3 or 4 LSB's in So Cal already? I wish I had the cajones to get LSB or Santorini they are both intriguing and fitting colors for the M3.

For now it looks like Moonstone Metallic with extended black leather & silk grey contrast stitching. Trying for an alcantara headliner & checking to see if they will do the interior in Cohiba Brown.
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