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Originally Posted by nightrain View Post
Guys, so my brembo start to vibrate only when they are getting hot or after multiple heavy braking.. when they start to vibrate, even light brake make the steering wheel vibrate. i can feel it by the vibration on the steering wheel (the brake pedal doesnt vibrate though). It happens since the day i installed the bbk.. i have cleaned the hub to make sure that the rotors sit flat, i have also bed in the brakes as well... maybe i didnt bed the rotor properly ? the way i did was going from 100 kph to 40 kph for about 15 times. what else could be the cause ?

How can you tell when abs kick in ? is it something like grinding noise ? i want to make sure that i didnt engage the abs when i did the bedding in process.

i have searched the whole threads in the forum about this brake judder but still cant find a solution

this is what the rotor look like, pad deposit ? but i dont think it is pad deposit because i always cool down the brakes after spirited driving, and never been into track.

You said you have had this problem since the day you installed your Brembo BBK? I've got the same problem with my AP BBK. Tried everything including race pad clean up and still got the same vibe in the steering when braking. At what speeds do you feel this vibration? Can you be specific?