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Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
The AMG is just a different car I think. The AMG is sort of a sledgehammer approach.

I'd like to think if it weren't for fuel efficiency pressures that M could get more power from an NA power plant.

I love NA. FI is cheating
The AMGs are beasts... but let's be honest, the M's should at LEAST compete with them class vs class. Same goes for the RS Audi's.

Without a supercharger (and really, it's gotta be Stage 2+... the Stage 1 SCs don't cut it, thus so many for sale) the M3s frankly don't compete.

I'll also go so far to say that the reason for the turbos on the next gen is for power, with the added marketing line item of fuel efficiency. Remember the Toyota Supra (and others) were making massive power with an Inline 6/TwinTurbo setup 20 years ago! It's really about time BMW caught up and shows the world how to really do it right (look at the M5/M6).

And remember, at one time the other FI (Fuel Injection) was "cheating" to the carburated guys... Tomorrow electric motors (KERS anyone?) will be "cheating" to the turbo guys... Absolutely nothing wrong with using technology to win.