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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Beside the torque vs power debate, needing AWD is the biggest fallacy of them all. RWD with snow tires will take virtually anything down and do a MUCH better job than AWD with all-season tires.

In Summer, a high-performance tires rated for dry and rain again will do absolutely just as well providing you keep the tires with a good tread depth which if you do not even with AWD you will be sliding

the ONLY way awd is truly needed enough to influence a car buying situation is if you live in an area with significant elevation or hills. In that case the RWD rarely will struggle a bit but even in these cases with snow tires not so much.

I lived in a really snowy area for 2 years in a RWD bimmer. Good all-season was fine 80 percent of the time. Snows I had 100 percent of the time not a problem going through any amount of snow thrown at me.

But if it makes sense to someone's head and they want to buy an inferior car for awd which won't benefit them in anyway its to each their own.

Now if someone wanted an RS4 for other reasons or they prefered the car than so bet it. But to buy one for AWd is quite silly unless your in the mountains
I would have to disagree with a lot of this actually. As you stated, you had first hand experience in the snow and such and I don't doubt you. I have had a different experience. I owned an M3 (both E46 and E92) and a Subaru Impreza. The M had snow tires on it and the Subbie had all seasons. The subbie was much better in the snow, no doubt about it. Yes, the M can manage the snow just fine with snow tires, but AWD is truely better. Much less if you put snow tires on the AWD vehicle, then there isn't a comparison at all so to have the capability might mean something to the owner.

As for the hills, I kind of agree with you. However there are M owners on here that take their car to the ski slopes. But how often do you see an M heading to the ski slope versus an S4 or RS4? I see the Audi a lot more.

Either pick, the RS4 or the M is a good choice. I like the M because it feels better on the track so I chose that. I like the RS4 for its rarity, sound and looks but I did not like the interior and having 4 doors. It just doesn't fit my needs so I didn't buy it.