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Originally Posted by KROD View Post
...(there obviously is good reason for BMW moving to FI on their next generations)...
I don't think BMW is going to forced induction because they feel the current generation M3 lacks power. NA cars aren't going to throw you back in your seat like a FI car, but that's not what BMW has traditionally gone for in the M-cars. Instead it's been a wave of power that builds with the revs.

Quite to the contrary I think that the engineers at M would love to keep building special high-rev'ing NA engines. M is going FI because of business and political/environmental pressures.

Sorry, I don't want to derail this thread into an E9X vs F3X, NA vs FI, "They are ruining M" debate. But I thought it was worth mentioning that M is not going to FI so they can snap your head back when you hit the gas.