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Tire comparison, maybe apples to oranges comparison

Hi Guys,
Disclaimer, this comparison may not be exactly apples to apples, but I still would like to hear your opinion.

I have an e90 m3 with the 19"rims and OEM michelin tires (245 in the front and 265 in the rear).

I recently acquired a set of 18" TE37 SL with Hankook v12, 235 in the front and 265 in the rear. I know this is not the size to be running for our car, but the plan was to use up the tires and at that point switch to appropriate tire size. With this set up I notice less grip compared to the OEM michelin. This can be contributed to 2 factors, smaller tire width and perhaps tire brand/quality?.

My question is what do you think the grip will compare like with Hankook v12 in 265 and 285 vs the 245 & 265 from the OEM michelin.

I want to know before I go out and get some PSS.