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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
I can't tell you the amount of compliments I get on the way my car sounds. I was one of the first to get the Megan on my car. The Megan has been on my car now for over 2 years with absolutely no issues. My car has Turner Test Pipes and a Megan catback and the sound is wonderful. It does drone a tad in the 2200rpm range, but then most aftermarket exhausts do. Its not bad though, just there a little.

Its not as loud as some of the other exhausts out there but it is also not the quietest. As a previous post stated, its in the middle. If you do the test pipes I think you will find yourself quite pleased.

As far as the exhaust not being louder than the OEM exhaust...well that poster may want to get a hearing test.

Its the best $525 I ever spent for my car.

Thanks for the write-up! I've been looking at a used Eisenmann race but the MR sounds like a nice option for a lot less money.

I had the Dinan exhaust on my last M3 (eventually added the Dinan mid-pipe as well), and although I loved it most of the time, quite frankly it was a little too loud for around the town driving and my neighbors probably hated me. Plus, the total setup was over $6k and that's without the tune that goes with it.

My only concern is the drone you mentioned. I had a Jeep SRT8 with a Borla S exhaust at one point and it sounded very mean and befitting of the truck, but the drone gave me a headache. Have you guys experienced anything like that with the MR exhaust?

I'm considering just trying the exhaust first, but if I were to go with different pipes later what do you recommend?

As always, thanks for all the info!