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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
The 997 tt and m3 feel very different to me. I used to own a 6mt e90.

I liked it, but the 997tt is a powerhouse compared to the m3. It would rip the m3 in a straight line, and has better steering and front end grip.

The m3 is sweet and feels good, but the 997 tt is a much better performer.

The acceleration and feel of the motors is totally different. The 997tt rips from idle to redline. It's a monster
Agreed the TT is a better car but as you mentioned in your first response you pay to play.

It's a lot of coin and maybe one or two compromises I probably can't make. I know the car behaves well in the snow but you are still on the road with other drivers in winter who don't take the precautions all of us "good" drivers do right