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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Check out Weistec. I think there are more VT1 M3's out there than Stage 1 + 2 + 3... Weistec cars out there. Yet, Wiestec's kits can pass smog. When i took my Ferrari to dealer for service, there was a SC'd Ferrari 599. Novitec Rosso has sold less than 20 kits, and amazingly enough the kit cost is not alot more than what G-Power asks for their S85 kit. And unlike the G-Power, your Novitec Rosso Ferrari can pass any tests.

You are in the BMW tuning scene yourself. You know how shady it is. The low production number excuse is just meaningless when you consider the fact that M3 sc kits costs a whole lot more than what a similar kit for a Mustang for example costs.
Only the entry level stage 1 kit they sell is CARB, if you want the stage 2 or 3 they are not. CARB would be nice on all products for CA customers but it is soo easy to get around it I don't think it is really much of an issue. There are thousands of modified cars in CA that should not pass inspection that do.