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Originally Posted by M3 Gamer View Post
I seriously want the GTR and every GTR I see I wanna race if I'm in the M3. I saw one yesterday, but I was at a red light and it went away so I missed the chance to play around with a GTR. I saw one recently by on office buliding, probably someone doing well owned it.

But seriously what's with some of these people thinking GTR is inferior because it's a Nissan and M3 is a BMW? I'm sure the GTR will beat the M3 any day because those things are monsters. Plus GTR is more expensive than M3 so if money is the only concern I'm sure most GTR owner are well to do people who don't need a BMW to define who they are. I've been side by side with one on the freeway and that thing ROARS.

And to whoever talked about BMW is better for picking up chicks, you guys are total tools for getting an M3 for the status. Just to let you know, the Ford Mustang GT was able to keep up with me at a stoplight race so your M3s can be beat by cheaper cars.

I'm sure girls will love the GTR and it would be a more exciting ride than an M3. If the girl sees the GTR and doesn't realize the car is more impressive than most BMWs, then she's probably a super shallow bitch who can't tell a GTR is an expensive car.